The Story of G+ 3C Outlet

Due to ever-advancing technology and dynamic environment in IT industry, technology-driven corporations push consumer electronics to launch quicker. In order to exchange new product’s exhibition space, off-season products are being crowded out and forced to shorten product life cycle. As environmental awareness and demand for qualia service arise, reverse logistics management gets more important these days. How to raise product’s added value and lengthen product life cycle has become an inevitable issue for every organization.

With internalized spirit “Profession SpeedService”, G+ 3C Outlet is ready for upcoming new retail, we provide the clicksand mortars platform and qualia service to customers.With online to offline integrated platform, we provide instant andfriendly shopping experience to customers. With qualia service, we raiseproduct’s added value, to exceed customer’s expectations. 


The Spirit of G+ 3C Outlet

G+ 3C Outlet devotes to reverse Logisticsindustry, we focus on maintain, refurbish and promote off-season products,creating new product life circle. For the rebirthed products, they’ve overcomestrict testing procedure, to acquire sweet lemon certificate. Sweet lemoncertificate is not only a proof for refurbished products, also G+ 3C Outlet’squality commitment to customers. With sweet lemon certificate and our qualitycommitment, G+ 3C Outlet is fulfilling the core spirit of “もったいない (Mottainai)”.