Payment method and return/exchange instructions

G + 3C Outlet payment and return/exchange instructions

【Payment Method

At present, we provide credit card, bank transfer, network ATM (external card reader is required), ATM virtual code payment, PayPal Express (only available to foreign customers) and other payment methods.

【Refund Method

The current refund method will be the same as your original payment method, the original payment account and the credit card account will be returned.

PayPal refund

Refund within 180 days of payment will be refunded to your original payment source.
If you pay by credit card or debit card, the money will be returned to the card.
If you pay with a paypal balance, the money will be returned to your paypal account within 24 hours.
If the amount is paid separately by credit card/debit card and paypal balance, the refund will be refunded to the card and paypal account respectively.

【Method of return and replacement

"Please pay attention! Hesitation period is not probation period"

According to the consumer protection law, consumers are entitled to a 7-day hesitation period for the arrival of their products (note! Hesitation period of probation period), but remind you, when the goods return must reply to the original state, which must be back to the original for you to receive goods complete packaging (including the product, accessories, gifts, all the integrity of the accompanying documents or materials, internal and external packaging, original carton, etc.), if some goods return is for you to have been used or retain the goods should be another to market prices, otherwise will affect you permission to return.

【Welfare goods return and exchange
For the part of the goods as welfare goods, the supplied materials may have backplane or no or no dust cover. The welfare goods are all functional ok. If in doubt, please consider and avoid disputes.

※ G + 3C Outlet does not provide the service of replacement. Please choose to unsubscribe the goods and purchase other goods again.

In case of any special situation, please contact the customer service center at as soon as possible.

【Refund instructions for returns
For return service, please click "contact us" at the top right of the page.
Upon the completion of the unsubscribe application, we will send a delivery package to pick up the package within 3-5 working days, and the pick-up fee will be paid by G+ 3C Outlet.

It will take 5-10 working days for inspection of returned goods. Refund will be made after the goods have been accepted.

The refund will be remitted to the original bank account. It will take about 3-5 working days for the application and bank operation.

You will be notified via email and SMS on the return date.

If the order does not reach the free shipping amount due to the return of some goods, the refund will be made after deducting the freight of the original order from the return payment.

G+ 3C Outlet may refuse to accept your refund request if it is returned together with the physical invoice and documents required by the relevant laws and regulations such as the signed discount note.

If there is any problem with the inspection of the returned goods, the return and refund service will be suspended, and the customer service staff will contact you on their own initiative.

【Picking up instructions

If you unsubscribe before 18:00 on the same day, you are expected to pick up the goods on +2 working days.

If you unsubscribe after 18:00 on the same day, you are expected to pick up the goods on +3 working days.

We will cancel the order at 17:00 PM on 4th, and it is expected to pick up the goods on 6th.

※ the delivery company may contact you before picking up the goods. Please keep your phone number unblocked. Do not reject the unidentified caller id.

※ the delivery time may be affected by the distribution situation of the delivery company and the traffic.

Follow-up questions about the order progress and after-sales service,
We suggest you contact the customer service of LINE to serve you.
Please join LINE: @gplus3coutlet.
You can also contact customers directly via SHOPLINE online Messenger.
The customer service staff will reply online from 09:00~12:00, 13:00~18:00 on Monday ~ Friday. We will not reply on Saturday and Sunday. Please forgive me!